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You Don’t Have to Settle

You deserve the best, so why settle for a website that’s less than amazing

or takes weeks to complete?

You Deserve a VIP Website in a Day Experience 

You already know your website is a reflection of you, the work you do, and the transformation you provide for your clients. Don’t let an outdated, confusing site plagued with slow loading times and broken links be the first impression you leave with potential customers.

A beautiful, functional website that makes you look good online can be yours, and it can be done within a day so you don’t have to wait to start booking your dream clients with ease!

What is the process?


We’ll take a deep dive into how your business works from processes to tech allowing us to understand what’s most important to you


With your goals, values, and vision in mind, we’ll design a beautiful website for your brand that you can be proud of


We’ll connect on a call to make sure you are in love with the aesthetics and have given your nod of approval


You want a site that’s not only beautiful, but also functional. We’ll make sure all your tech is integrated and fully operational


Voila! Your website is ready to share on the interwebs so you start working with more of your dream clients

What our customers are saying

“By working with Sequena, I got a beautifully crafted website, and so much more! Sequena really worked with me through my resistance to see what I am offering in my business and gave me the structure that I am continuing to build on. Because of this investment in my business, I am looking to expand VS Creative Consulting to other sectors I didn’t know were possible.”


Not sure if a VIP Day is right for you?


If a beautiful, functional website in a day sounds too good to be true, let’s connect to answer any questions you may have


A VIP Day includes:

  • Exclusive collaboration with an expert web designer and development during the onboarding process to level up your website.
  • A beautiful, functional website (up to five pages) to showcase your brand, your personality, and your services.
  • A video tutorial so you and your team know how to use your new site with ease and can keep your audience updated with new posts or events.


  • A mini-brand standard guide so your brand can be represented seamlessly across all media and platforms
  • A set of customized social media templates to your upleveled brand identity so you can build cohesive brand awareness

VIP Day Case Study